Supporting Small Businesses: Pure Innocent London

Supporting Small Businesses: Pure Innocent London

Welcome to the sixteenth edition of my Supporting Small Businesses series. Today I would like to introduce you to Pure Innocent London – a shop I found on Etsy while looking for a bag.

A friend had bought a couple of bags from another small company and I loved them, but they were a little out of my price range. I just couldn’t justify spending that amount of money on a bag, so I went looking for something cheaper. After spending a while looking around the internet, I found Pure Innocent London.

A navy blue leather crossbody bag with navy, white & red striped strap.
Navy Blue Leather Crossbody Bag from Pure Innocent London.

Pure Innocent London sells these crossbody bags in a variety of colours. I just had to choose one! As you can see, I decided upon the navy in the end. These leather bags are made in Italy and are 21 x 16 x 7cm in size. They come with a removable leather strap and have a leather tassel attached to the zip pull. I decided to pair my bag with one of Pure Innocent’s interchangeable navy, cream & red stripe straps.

Navy Leather Crossbody Bag with tassel on zip.

Despite the seemingly small size, it’s amazing what can fit in these bags. In mine, I am able to fit my chunky purse, mobile phone, compact camera, face masks and concert tickets. Perfect! It has already been on a trip with me to Birmingham and it turned out to be the ideal size.

The navy, cream & red strap (also available in different colourways & patterns) is adjustable and matches the bag perfectly. I like that I can change the strap for another one if I want a different look.

Navy, Cream & Red Stripe Interchangeable Bag Strap.
Navy, Cream & Red Stripe Interchangeable Bag Strap.

Close up of the Navy, Cream & Red Stripe Interchangeable Bag Strap.

Last week, a work colleague spotted my bag and wanted to know where I got it from. Without hesitation, I showed her the bag on Etsy and she immediately ordered one for her sister’s birthday!

Pure Innocent London sells other items, including a mini version of this bag, other bags, phone wallets, straps and more. I ordered my bag over a weekend and I didn’t have to wait long for it to arrive as it was here by the following Wednesday.

This small business is run by Carmen – a mum of two who also juggles a husband, kids, school runs, homework and housework – so I was only too happy to give her my custom. She has some great products.

My friend said once you’ve got one of these bags you’ll want another and I think she’s right!


Please note: I bought these products with my own money and I am in no way affiliated with Pure Innocent London.


  1. My first thought was ‘not for me’ as I can’t get by without my big bag, where I have plenty of room for all my junk, with plenty of compartments so that I know where everything is.

    Then I took a look at the site, and I’m hooked! As presents for my nieces who all like smaller bags and purses they are ideal, and I have to admit that I took a fancy to the ‘large tassel saddle bag’ for when we just go out for a walk and I can manage with a smaller crossbody bag.

    If I leave the link open on that page – it might just get noticed!!

    This was a lovely find, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Nikki says:

      My other bags are bigger (especially my camera bag!), but concert venues are cracking down on the size of bags allowed in now so I wanted something smaller. My “medium” sized bag I use most days is now getting a bit tatty after years of use.

  2. Kelly says:

    I bet I would really like this. I scaled down to a smaller cross-over bag at the beginning of the pandemic so I wouldn’t have to set a purse down anywhere and could keep my hands free. I found I really didn’t need as big handbag after all! I love the one I use, but it won’t stop me from checking out this Etsy shop. You never know!

  3. Lisa says:

    Such a lovely little bag – I think the tassel adds a certain something to set it apart and how great that the straps are interchangeable 🙂

  4. Sophie says:

    Definitely going to check these out! This bag looks absolutely perfect for a day of running around but you don’t need the full size handbag and can do the whole day to night thing too. I love the colour you opted for!

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