Supporting Small Businesses: Annabelle Davis

Supporting Small Businesses: Annabelle Davis

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of my Supporting Small Businesses series! This time I’m supporting Annabelle Davis and her wonderful enamel pins.

I came across Annabelle’s enamel pins in a Tiktok video in which her parents were reviewing her mystery pins. I immediately recognised her Dad… None other than Warwick Davis – best known for playing Willow Ufgood* (if you’re my age), and Professor Filius Flitwick and Griphook in the Harry Potter films (if you’re of a younger generation). Warwick and his wife Samantha each open a mystery pin pouch of Annabelle’s pins and do a great job of promoting them.

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♬ original sound – Annabelle Davis

Annabelle will be recognisable to youngsters as Sasha Bellman in CBBC’s The Dumping Ground, but none of this takes away from the fact that she is a talented artist in her own right. I love her paintings and prints and hope that one day Annabelle will produce greeting cards or postcards out of them. Please do check out Annabelle’s artwork on her website, she takes commissions too.

A Mystery Pin Pouch, Cat enamel pin and business cards from Annabelle Davis.
My goodies from Annabelle Davis.

Anyone who knows me knows I love cats, so of course, I had to get the cat pin. Annabelle’s parents did such a great job of showing off the mystery pin pouches that I decided to get myself one of those too. I think they are a great idea, especially if you can’t make up your mind about which pins to get. The mystery pin pouches are £15 and you get 3 pins, whereas single pins are £6 each.

A Cute Cat enamel pin.
Cat Pin by Annabelle Davis

Opening my mystery pin pouch revealed a Pink Bikini Dinosaur pin, a Giraffe pin and a Unicorn pin. The pins are ridiculously cute! Annabelle designed the Pink Bikini Dinosaur pin while in the green room of The Dumping Ground, the giraffe is wearing a rollneck jumper and I suspect my niece will want the Unicorn pin as soon as she sees it!

Pictured: A dinosaur wearing a bikini pin, a unicorn pin and a giraffe pin.
The three pins from my Mystery Pin Pouch.

These enamel pins are just a bit of fun, but make a great gift for any enamel pin collector. I already have my eye on another of Annabelle’s enamel pins – the Freddie Mercury Stamp pin.

* I’ve just discovered a Willow TV series is currently in production!


Please note: I bought these products with my own money and I am in no way affiliated with Annabelle Davis.


  1. Another lovely small business venture worthy of the promotion you have offered it.

    I have to confess that I am not a lover of pins or brooches, but like yourself, I do know a couple of small people who would love the mystery pouch you received. I also have to say that the ‘Freddie Mercury’ pin is certainly unique and could be quite a collectors item in the future!

    Thanks for sharing another lovely post! 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    Those pins are so cute!! I like the idea of the mystery pouch and often choose things like that.

    If I still wore things like that, I’d be very tempted!

  3. Jo says:

    I remember collecting button badges when I was younger, nowadays these pins seem to be the things to have, and aren’t they cute. I love the cat one, and the dinosaur, oh I love them all.

  4. What a cool small business to get behind – thank you for sharing this! I used to love pins when I was a teenager as I’d have them all over bags and blazers, and still would have kept collecting them if it weren’t for my health taking everything off the rails. This makes me want to get my old ones out and buy a few new ones – These are incredibly cute!! It’s cool she takes commissions too. Will take a look at Annabelle’s website now.xx

  5. Sophie says:

    That cat pin is so cute but I think the unicorn is my favourite. I love it when people who are known for one thing branch out creatively to do something you’d never expect based on what they’re known for, it’s great to see how varied and dynamic people’s talents are.

  6. Lisa says:

    My daughter is an avid pin collector so I will have to show her this cat pin, she will love it – great that it’s from a small business too 🙂

  7. Such charmingly adorable pins. It’s awesome to see the world of enamel pins explode in terms of popularity in recent years. I wonder if they would have been able to do so to the same degree were it not for online shopping?

    These cuties are all kinds of fun and just the ticket to add a dose of smile-inducing whimsy to any outfit.

    Thank you very much for shining the spotlight on small businesses. You rock!

    Autumn Zenith Witchcrafted Life

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