Supporting Small Businesses: Mallows Beauty

Supporting Small Businesses: Mallows Beauty

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of my Supporting Small Businesses series. Mallows Beauty is another small business I found while browsing TikTok. Their videos came across as professional as well as having that personal touch.

Mallows Beauty is all about self-love, real bodies, real skin, real problems and real results. You won’t find Photoshopped photos here – the models used in the photos have bodies like me or you. The only perfection found here is in the Mallows Beauty products.

A package of goodies from Mallows Beauty, including face masks, bath bombs and hand santitiser.
My goodies from Mallows Beauty.

I ordered a variety of products: three bath bombs (Coconut, Candy Floss and Strawberries & Cream), four mask sachets (Pink Clay, Coconut Mud and 2 x Pineapple & Mango) and a Hand Sanitiser Pump. The Hand Sanitiser was a bargain at £1.99 for 500ml!

3 face masks from Mallows Beauty.
Mallows Beauty Face Masks.
Pineapple & Mango Enzyme Peel Mask with "Repeat after me I AM STRONG" slogan.
Pineapple & Mango Enzyme Peel Mask.

I picked the Pineapple & Mango Enzyme Peel Mask because I struggle with acne (particularly on one side of my face) and the reviews on TikTok and the Mallows Beauty website suggested this was the stuff to use. It purifies and brightens skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and contains Vitamin A. Well, it certainly soothed and calmed down my face and left my skin feeling smooth after just one use. I also found that I could get more than one use out of a sachet. Now I am torn between getting a jar of this or trying the Pace Face Mask instead.

Mallows Beauty Coconut Mud Mask with "Repeat after me I AM HAPPY" slogan.
Mallows Beauty Coconut Mud Mask.

The Coconut Mud Mask left my skin feeling lovely and soft. I could smell the coconut all day after using it and the scent was wonderful, not overpowering at all. I will definitely be getting more of this!

Three Mallows Beauty bath bombs.
Mallows Beauty bath bombs.

The Mallows Beauty bath bombs are wonderful, but my favourite has to be the Candy Floss “I Love my body” bath bomb. The scent was delicious and the colour of the bath was amazing! I’ll be purchasing a few more of these!


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As well as bath bombs, face masks and hand sanitiser, Mallows Beauty also sells bath dust, body scrubs, body butter, candles and nail stickers. They also have a monthly self-love subscription box for those of you who can’t make up your mind which goodies to choose.

Do you know what else is great about Mallows Beauty? Mallows Beauty donates 5% of all profits to mental health charities. What more could you ask for?!


Please note: I bought these products with my own money and I am in no way affiliated with Mallows Beauty.


  1. I also prefer a shower to a bath, but if the face masks don’t irritate your skin, then that has to be good, as it doesn’t take much to make acne worse instead of better, does it?

    I wonder how good the hand gel is for sensitive skin? Some of those we have purchased during lockdown, have really made my hands sore and skinned.

    I also love the company ethos and the straight talking website. This was another great find, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Simona says:

    Ohhh these all sound like great products, Nikki! The packaging is very colorful and attractive, and if you find them great on your skin, I am sure I need to give them a shot sooner rather than later! Thank you for sharing these x

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