Busy Butterflies

Busy Butterflies

We might be heading into autumn but summer isn’t ready to let go just yet! The sun is shining and the butterflies are loving the warmth and making the most of the flowering garden.

Tortoiseshell butterfly on Buddleia.

Tortoiseshell butterfly on Buddleia.

Butterflies on Buddleia.

Tortoiseshell butterfly on Erysimum.

The butterflies seem to be most attracted to the Echinacea, Erysimum and Buddleia at the moment. The coneflowers (Echinacea) are a particular favourite of mine with their variety of vivid colours.

Tortoiseshell butterfly.

Butterfly on Erysimum.

Small White butterfly on Erysimum.

Butterfly on Buddleia.

The most common type of butterfly in the back garden is the Tortoiseshell, although the Small White butterflies now seem to be competing for that particular title. This past week, I’ve also spotted a Gatekeeper and a Peacock butterfly, but the Peacock butterfly didn’t hang around for long and I didn’t manage to get a photo.

Small White butterfly on Buddleia.

Gatekeeper butterfly.

Butterfly on Echinacea.

Butterfly on Echinacea.

 Autumn will soon be taking over and I’ll miss the lively summer life of the garden.


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  1. As ever, your pictures are amazing, although you have chosen some particularly beautiful subjects to feature!

    As you say, the butterflies are really hanging in there this year, making the most of the warm, if not always sunny weather we have been having.

    Even the huge swarms of angry wasps that the experts were predicting would happen this year, haven’t really materialised and eating outside has never been a real issue, so all’s good in the insect world right now.

    We visited the Cotswold Wildlife Park yesterday and their gardens, which are always amazing, are hanging in there in full glorious colour this year and still full of bees.

    Enjoy the Indian Summer and the autumn months ahead! 🙂

  2. Kris P says:

    Great butterfly shots, Nikki. We also have a great many of the cabbage white butterflies but I haven’t seen the masses of other butterflies we’ve had in prior years. However, once my Senna bicapsularis blooms I should have a LOT of cloudless sulphur butterflies.

  3. Oh my goodness, what an eye for a wonderful photograph you have. Despite butterfly friendly plants in the garden and lots of bees visiting we rarely see a butterfly let alone such a variety of them … maybe its just too cold for them here in the North East of England.

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