Snowdrops at the Village Church

Snowdrops at the Village Church

At this time of year, I would normally go gallivanting around the Mid Wales and Shropshire countryside looking for snowdrops to photograph. Usually, I’ll find some in a small country churchyard or wood. We’re currently still in lockdown (no. 3) here in Wales, with only essential travel allowed, so I had to look a lot closer to home this year.

St. Michael's Church in Wales, Kerry.
St. Michael’s Church in Wales, Kerry.

Snowdrops in front of the church.

The church has stood at the centre of village life for hundreds of years. Whilst I’m not religious, I do appreciate it’s architecture and history, and wonder about the lives led by those buried within the churchyard boundaries.

Sadly, it was overcast when I took a walk down the village last week to take some photos. The rain was threatening and so I didn’t hang around for long as I didn’t want to get wet. Although I did get my knees damp whilst kneeling down to take photos.

A carpet of snowdrops in the churchyard.
A carpet of snowdrops in the churchyard.


Lots of snowdrops.

Our village church currently has an abundance of snowdrops in the front of the churchyard, but not as many as I’ve seen at some other churchyards over the years. Still, it’s a popular place to walk and there were a few other people walking through the churchyard that afternoon, probably wondering what I was up to on my hands and knees by the old gravestones!

Snowdrops in front of the church.

Snowdrops in front of the church from a low angle.

Kerry Church and its snowdrops from a low angle.

Does your local churchyard have an abundance of snowdrops at the moment?

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  1. Jo says:

    It seems to be a good year for snowdrops, I’ve seem to have seen many more locally than in previous years, though that might just be that I’m looking for them more this year than in previous years.

  2. Hi Nikki,

    Lovely pictures as always, definitely makes you think that spring is out there somewhere, despite all the rain we have had!

    Dave went for a walk around the outside of the Stourhead Estate today, as it is mostly across fields where he is unlikely to meet anyone else. He has to walk up through the back of the churchyard to reach his starting point and he managed to grab some lovely photos of the snowdrops too. The purple crocuses were also almost ready to burst forth in places and the grass had an abundance of daisies already waving about in the breeze (I am beginning to wonder about the messed up seasons in this country!)

    He is currently working on a website where he will be sharing his pictures in galleries, so I shall probably have a link to it on Fiction Books very soon. He generally only takes shots with his phone as that is more convenient if he is out walking and he just wants to put them up so that others might enjoy them. He won’t be opening up comments or anything like that!

    The church itself is also amazing and whilst, like yourself, we are not religious, we can still always appreciate the workmanship, beauty and skill of something which has been standing for hundreds of years.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope that all is well with you 🙂

  3. Lauretta says:

    How pretty Nikki! I don’t know why, but the snowdrops remind me that spring is on its way and I’m excited by that! In fact, I was out today delivery my community magazine when I saw a blanket of crocuses in someone’s front garden and I did a little dance inside my head. The thought of warmer weather, lovely flowers and a more outdoor life really put a spring in my step! x

  4. I always think snowdrops are very pretty and I love these shots, especially the close-up third from the bottom. I haven’t seen any at all in my local area so far – maybe I’ve been walking in all the wrong places 🙂

  5. Kris P says:

    We live in such different environments, Nikki. There are no churchyards particularly close by and the setting for the nearest ones are more urban in appearance than yours. Even sadder, we have no snowdrops – we’re just too warm for them to survive. I enjoy seeing them in UK posts, and occasional posts from the Pacific Northwest, though.

  6. CherryPie says:

    Lovely photographs of the snowdrops and the church.

    We are in full lockdown in England (stay local, essential trips and travel to work) Getting out for exercise is allowed and I take the view that means from my doorstep and I have been sticking to it.

    I know where the best local snowdrops are but for me they are just out of reach (from a walk from my doorstep).

    I thought that my garden snowdrops, after flowering for over 20 years were denying me their presence this year. When I looked a couple of days ago they were flowering in all their glory, a few weeks later than usual 🙂

  7. Kelly says:

    The snowdrops are absolutely beautiful and I appreciate that you got down low to capture them from such a wonderful perspective! Rather than snowdrops, we’ve had snow… not something we’re use to! (I’m more than ready for it to all disappear!)

  8. Ellie says:

    Lovely photos. Snowdrops are one of my favourite flowers – delicate-looking, but really tough. I love their optimism!
    Best wishes

  9. Sophie says:

    All of these snowdrops are beautiful! Such gorgeous photos. I feel the same way as you about churches, I’m not religious but I adore the architecture, history, and what they mean to people.

  10. jeanie says:

    This is really one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. Well, seen in a photo. There is something so lovely about churches and archictecture. I like the buildings and grounds far more when they are quiet and empty than when they have people in them. Which is bad for business but feels much more holy to me. I LONG to see blooms again and it will be quite awhile.

    Our church yards have parking lots and maybe a few bushes by the foundation. No lovely sights like this.

  11. Anca says:

    So far I’ve avoided walking in the park as it gets very crowded. The council didn’t close the car park, so lots of people from afar are coming. Your post made me think of the churchyard. I will have to take a stroll, maybe I will see lovely snowdrops too. It might be less crowded too.

  12. Chloe Chats says:

    Your photo’s look so lovely, the snowdrops are so pretty! I’ve recently really got into gardening, and I’ve planted a few things and just cannot wait to see them all fully grown. I might have to go on a little adventure to find some snowdrops! x

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