Spring Lambs

Spring Lambs

A break in the stormy weather meant we could go for a short walk yesterday. It’s been wet and windy for the past week, so it was nice to be able to get out and about for a change. With my hat pulled down over my ears, the wind wasn’t so much in my hair but in my eyes! My eyes streamed in the wind, my glasses offering little protection.

Lambs huddled up to their mother.

Two lambs posing.

Our walk took us down a lane with fields on either side home to sheep and their lambs. Some of the lambs sheltered from the howling wind by cuddling up to their mother, whilst others took the opportunity to enjoy a run around the field. They certainly looked like they were having fun!

Lambs having a race.

Lambs running.

Lambs playing.

Lambs getting ready to run.

Lambs having fun.

Lambs racing.

Wales is still in lockdown, so we can’t go far. Although our “stay at home” rule has just changed to “stay local”, it doesn’t make that much of a difference when you live in a rural area. Here’s hoping we can get out and about to some interesting places soon.

Spring lamb.


  1. Jo says:

    Awww, so cute, lovely photos. I haven’t seen any lambs around here yet but I’m sure there’ll be plenty in the fields soon.

  2. We are right on the edge of Frome, so far more rural than urban, which has also been our dilemma through lockdown, as our nearest place for a good socially distanced walk is the NT Stourhead, which is about 10 miles away and across the Wiltshire border. Dave has been setting off for his walk extra early on a Sunday morning, so that he is back well before there are any people around, but he still feels really guilty. Roll on 12th April when the rules start to be eased a little!

    There seems to be an abundance of early lambs around this year and they don’t seem at all phased by the rather blustery, chilly weather, if your happy pictures are anything to go by. Although I’m afraid I can’t say the same for myself!

    The Stourhead fields and fields of dwarf daffodils are looking as pretty as a picture right now and with restricted numbers of visitors, the lawned areas have all been roped off, so that they can flourish and bloom freely, free from human intervention!

    Thanks for cheering up a dismal Mother’s Day afternoon and I hope that all is well with you 🙂

    Yvonne xx

  3. Lisa says:

    There’s nothing quite like the sight of lambs bouncing around the fields to make you realise Spring is really here! You’ve taken some beautiful photos, they make me very nostalgic for previous years when we were able to bottlefeed our friends’ lambs. Sigh, fingers crossed for next year 🙂

  4. Ann says:

    Those Spring lambs are a sight for sore eyes, Nikki!
    I’m sure you’re craving to go further afield, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be soon. I do sometimes wish I lived somewhere more rural, with more space to roam. Living in a built up area means that there are lots of people out and about, and that you have to do what I’m calling “the Covid shuffle” all the time! xxx

  5. Kelly says:

    Oh, my…. those lambs (particularly the photos of them running) have me melting from their cuteness!!! There’s just something about baby animals.

  6. I’m a city girl, and only see animals at the zoo, or at a park that has farm animals.
    Well, we’ve got cats, and they are Mother Nature’s laziest creatures, but boy oh boy are they cute!
    Thanks for the visit to the wee lambs.

  7. Ann Coleman says:

    Few things are cuter than lambs! Thanks for providing the photos of them cavorting around. I hope that your restrictions are eased soon, so you can get back to a more normal life.

  8. Awww little lambs are such sweethearts. Love the photos! These make me yearn to live more rurally, and just to get outside in the fresh air full stop. I hope you get to explore and have good times in new places when it’s safe to do so. With any luck the pandemic will be behind us soon… fingers crossed! xx

  9. Kris P says:

    So cute! The lamb on the far left in the 8th photos looks like he had something to say. I live in an area that’s regarded as semi-rural, which means there are chickens, horses and occasional goats. I’ve never seen lambs here, though.

  10. Ah, I’m feeling for you Nikki. This latest lockdown seems to have affected everyone the most – including me. The lambs are gorgeous by the way – and lovely pics. There’s one with the lamb’s head cocked to the side whilst running and it looks adorable!

  11. Miriam says:

    Aww, those lambs are so precious. Wonderful photos of life, love and boundless energy and enthusiasm. Fingers crossed your restrictions ease soon.

  12. Anca says:

    I love seeing lambs, but I feel also sad for them, as they will not get to have a long and happy life. With lockdown, I haven’t had a trip in the countryside for a long time and I miss it a lot, even more now that I’ve seen your cute pictures. Although I’m not complaining, I have parks nearby and a lovely garden too.

  13. Sophie says:

    Aww these photos are lovely! I haven’t seen any lambs yet this year, we have a lot of farms/ land near me so I normally see quite a few. Hopefully soon! x

  14. So far I have only seen one lamb in Wiltshire, but then my walks are curtailed because of the stay-local rules. So I was delighted to see your set of pictures – those little Welsh lambs full of beans and rushing all over the place – a mini stampede!

  15. LL Cool Joe says:

    We have one new lamb in the field in front of our house, and I’m hoping for a few more!

    Here in England we are still very much in lockdown. It seems never ending.

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