Supporting Small Businesses: GeekyClean

Supporting Small Businesses: GeekyClean

Welcome to the ninth edition of my Supporting Small Businesses series. Something I like to treat myself to, especially during lockdown, is a relaxing bath. I’m very particular with what bath goodies I use due to having sensitive skin, so I usually stick to what I know.

One day in late December, while waiting for Lush UK’s website to behave so I could access their sale, I came across a tweet recommending GeekyClean. With such a great play on words for a company name, I decided to check them out.

GeekyClean is based in Chelmsford and was born out of its owner stumbling upon soap making as a hobby and then mixing in their love of all things geeky. Every product they sell is 100% handmade in England using the finest ingredients. They also make sure their products are kind on skin by not using any harsh chemicals. The products are vegetable-based and vegan so they contain no animal products and haven’t been tested on animals.

GeekyClean sells bath bombs, bath salts, soaps, body butter, lip balms, shower steamers and more. I had not heard of shower steamers before, but apparently, you throw them in the water during your shower and let the steam go to work. GeekyClean sells a “Con Flu Remedy” one, perfect for a pick me up during or after a convention (as anyone who attends conventions can attest, you often feel run down afterwards!). Once we can get out into the real world again, that one will be on my list of things to try!

GeekyClean Bath Bomb and Soaps.
My GeekyClean goodies!

At the time of ordering, the GeekyClean website was due a restock, but I decided to place an order anyway. I chose the Bardic Inspiration Bath Bomb and a selection of soaps (Bard Soap, Wizard Soap, Sorcerer Soap and Health Potion Soap). You can never have too many soaps!

GeekyClean Bardic Inspiration Bath Bomb.
GeekyClean Bardic Inspiration Bath Bomb.

The Bardic Inspiration Bath Bomb is bubblegum & candyfloss scented and smells divine! At £10.99 this isn’t the cheapest bath bomb you’ll come across, but this isn’t just any old bath bomb. Fans of RPGs (Role Playing Games) such as D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) will be delighted to discover it contains a set of RPG dice! When popped into the bathwater, the delicious scent fills the bathroom and the bathwater turns a vibrant pink. I didn’t want to get out afterwards! Just a tip though: Just be aware of where those RPG dice are when you get in the bath!

GeekyClean Bardic Inspiration fizzing away in the bath.
GeekyClean Bardic Inspiration fizzing away in the bath.
Vibrant pink bath water.
The bath water when the GeekyClean Bardic Inspiration bath bomb has finished fizzing.
RPG Dice from the bath bomb.
The dice out of the GeekyClean Bardic Inspiration bath bomb.

There are plenty of other bath bombs to choose from, others also containing a set of RPG dice and some cheaper ones without.

The soaps are great! Each soap comes in its own tin which is brilliant for when we can go travelling again or even for just keeping the bathroom clean & tidy. They can also be used for other things once you’ve finished the soap. The GeekyClean soaps contain no Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, so are kinder to your skin. My skin felt lovely and soft after using GeekyClean soap.

GeekyClean Bard Soap.
GeekyClean Bard Soap.
GeekyClean Bard Soap.
GeekyClean Bard Soap, sparkling!

Much like the Bardic Inspiration Bath Bomb, the Bardic Soap is bubblegum & candyfloss scented. Just remember it’s a soap, so try not to eat it! Not only does this soap smell great, but it lasts a long time too. Definitely worth £4.99. I’ll be ordering more of this one!

GeekyClean Wizard Soap.
The Wizard Soap smells of Peach Bellini.
GeekyClean Sorcerer Soap.
The Sorcerer Soap, scented with Pink Lemonade and Champagne.
GeekyClean Health Potion Soap.
The Health Potion Soap, Apricot and Pear scented, with a couple of 2D4 RPG dice thrown in!

Each product page has its own reviews, so you can easily check out what others think of each of the products.

Although I’m stocked up on soaps to keep me going for a while, I’ll definitely be ordering from GeekyClean again as I’ve spotted some more of their products which I’d like to try out. Whether you’re a geek or not, GeekyClean products are worth giving a go. GeekyClean ship worldwide and restock their products every Sunday at 6pm GMT/BST.

Get yourself GeekyClean and support a small business at the same time!

P.S. – Get a 10% discount here.


Please note: I bought these items with my own money and I am in no way affiliated with GeekyClean.


  1. Hi Nikki,

    As I have quite sensitive skin too, I tend to stick to shower and hair products that I know don’t irritate, so I might need a little persuading to take the risk of changing.

    I am however, totally intrigued by the notion of a shower steamer, just to see what it does! 🙂

    Their website is slick and vibrant too, which is always a good sign, so it would be good to see them thrive and flourish in the current economic climate.

    Thanks for sharing and mind those bath dice – I hope that pink water didn’t stain the bath! 🙂

  2. Kris P says:

    Pretty interesting! I’d definitely buy some of these for friends if the products ever cross the pond. I’m impressed by all the pandemic entrepreneurs.

  3. Lisa says:

    “Just be aware of where those RPG dice are when you get in the bath!” Oh this made me howl on a Monday morning! These soaps look amazing. As you say, not the cheapest but such a good idea to add the dice. Their targeting of their ideal clients is spot on!

  4. Kelly says:

    Oh, Nikki…. why do you do this to me?? They ship worldwide and I am sorely tempted!

    (I also laughed when I read the line about locating those dice before stepping in…)

  5. Anca says:

    I love these. The soaps are what I buy the most. I use soap bars in the kitchen and in the bathroom too, so I use quite a lot of these. I will keep them in mind for when I finished the ones I got. At the moment I still have quite a few from Christmas, but I will browse their shop anyway. 🙂
    It’s really great that you share these small businesses on your blog. xx

  6. Sophie says:

    They look amazing, I love the dice! I have super sensitive skin too and tend not to try new body products very often to avoid reactions but it’s great to know these ones are made from quality ingredients x

    • Nikki says:

      I’d certainly say it’s worth giving these soaps a go. My skin felt lovely and soft afterwards and I have sensitive skin and have to be careful when choosing soaps.

  7. Helen says:

    The thought of you settling down for a relaxing bath and the…Wow dice made me laugh. Love the glitter soap. These would make fabulous presents.

    Keep safe
    Bright Blessings

  8. LL Cool Joe says:

    I just jump into a bath and use a normal bar of soap, I can’t imagine putting anything into the water! They wouldn’t be for me, but maybe my daughters would like all this stuff! Lol.

  9. Chloe Chats says:

    I love the idea of putting geeky things and soap stuff together! The bath bomb with the dice is such a fun idea! Love the little tip of remembering where they are when you get into the bath hehe. xx

  10. Ann says:

    Hello Nikki, thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I think it’s lovely that you are supporting small local businesses, especially at a time like this! I saw that you’re from Mid Wales! I love Wales, and have visited from Belgium several times. We were in Montgomery for the day when we were last there, in 2019, and picnicked at the castle! Lovely to meet you! xxx

  11. These are so cool! I am always looking for lovely bath goodies that are cruelty free, natural and made in Britain, so thank you for sharing – I will definitely be checking their site out!

  12. It’s great to read that the products don’t use any harsh chemicals & are vegan – two very important things for me. I think skincare brands and the beauty industry in general is waking up the fact that people no longer want harsh chemicals in their products – I suggest downloading the Think Dirty app for checking ingredients in products.

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