An Evening with Johnny Herbert

An Evening with Johnny Herbert

An Evening with Johnny HerbertTo celebrate the release of his new autobiography What Doesn’t Kill You, Booka Bookshop organised An Evening with Johnny Herbert in Oswestry, Shropshire last Tuesday evening.

Having previously enjoyed evenings with former-F1 World Champion Damon Hill and former- F1 driver Mark Webber, I knew this evening with Sky F1 pundit and former-F1 driver Johnny Herbert wasn’t to be missed. Even better, it was the night before Dad’s birthday, so what better a birthday present for a motor racing fan than an evening with an ex-F1 driver?!

Johnny talked a lot about the F3000 crash which nearly ended his motor racing career and his ability to walk. However, he persevered, defied the odds and began racing in Formula 1. He admits now that his injuries would increasingly cause him pain as each race progressed. Johnny even took his shoes and socks off to show us whilst explaining his injuries (He thought his legs had been taken off during the accident and, indeed, amputation was a real possibility).

Johnny Herbert on stage

Johnny Herbert on stage

The interview and audience Q&A session were very candid, making the evening fly by. Johnny gave us his opinion on various F1 drivers throughout the ages and various situations and F1 rules, including the 2016 season. He even asked for the audience’s opinions on a few occasions.

Johnny Herbert(In light of yesterday’s shock announcement that new F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg has retired with immediate effect, I would love to have heard Johnny Herbert’s opinion on it!).

After the interview and audience Q&A, we were given the opportunity to get our copies of the autobiography dedicated, so I took the opportunity to ask Johnny Herbert to wish Dad a Happy Birthday. Dad being Dad, though, instead of thanking Johnny he said: “It’s not quite yet!” (It was in 3 hours, just “Thanks” would have done, Dad!”). Thankfully, Johnny saw the funny side of it!

All in all, we had a wonderful evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. It being my 3rd event with Booka Bookshop in 3 months, I’m looking forward to seeing who they have next.

Meeting Johnny Herbert

What Doesn't Kill You by Johnny HerbertIf you’d like a signed copy of Johnny Herbert’s new autobiography What Doesn’t Kill You, Booka Bookshop might just have some left.

Alternatively, check out Amazon or your local bookshop for an unsigned copy.


  1. Kelly says:

    I’ll admit, I know nothing about car racing (whether Formula 1, NASCAR, or otherwise), but this sounds like it was a great event and I’m so glad you were able to treat your dad to it for his birthday!

    I love hearing about these events that your bookstore puts on.

  2. Jo says:

    I’m not an F1 fan but it sounds like an interesting evening anyway. I know Mick and Daniel would both have enjoyed it though, they’re both in to F1. It’s great that the bookshop puts on these events, I wish I knew of somewhere near here that does the same.

  3. Barbara says:

    Hi Nikki, it sounds like a fun evening and a lovely present for your dad. I did laugh when you said about him saying his birthday “was not quite yet.” That is a typical dad comment! Please wish him a rather late happy birthday from me!

  4. Whilst we both follow F1 during the season, we are not avid fans and if we miss out on a race, it’s not the end of the world!

    I probably wouldn’t have paid to go and listen to Johnny Herbert, as interesting as I’m sure it was. However, as a birthday gift, it was an excellent idea and something your dad looked as though he enjoyed a lot.

    I hope that al is well with you 🙂


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