Online Learning

Online Learning

Suffering from Chronic Fatigue means traditional learning in a classroom is pretty much a no go for me. I never know how I’m going to feel from one day (or sometimes hour) to the next, so dedicating myself to a course schedule, on top of working 4 days a week, wouldn’t really work. I wouldn’t be able to guarantee I’d got enough energy or felt well enough. If I’m tired, information generally doesn’t stay in my brain.

However, there is a solution to my need to learn new things…

Online learning.

Online learning means I can do courses as and when I want and at my own pace.

Online LearningMy first online course was Foundation in Digital Photography with IOP. This short course comprised 60 minutes of videos with a test at the end of each unit. It taught me what I needed to know to get off the automatic setting (shutter speed, aperture, ISO and other settings as well as composition, portraits, landscapes and mono photography). I treated it as I would any traditional classroom course and sat taking notes (and screenshots) while watching the videos. The videos were easy to follow and understand. I also had access to a course tutor if I needed any extra help or if I wanted my photos evaluated. It was perfect for what I wanted and I completed it over 6 weeks. The course is usually £99, but I got a deal through Amazon Local and only paid £15. I’ve now advanced onto their Diploma in Photography course, which again I can do at my own pace.

I recently got a month long free trial to through LinkedIn, so I’ve been making the most of that. is one of the world’s leading online learning companies for business, software, technology and creative skills. I find their courses useful not only for my personal life but for my work too. I work in the print industry and has many relevant training tutorials for my work, as well as tutorials to help with my hobbies such as photography and blogging. The tutorials are all done via video, but there is a transcript for each available. The tutorials last anything from a few minutes to many hours and each one is broken down into bite-sized sections so you don’t have to do it all in one go.

Have you taken part in any online courses? If so, which ones and would you recommend them? If not, would you consider doing one?


  1. Kelly says:

    Online learning has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and on all levels of education. One of my children was able to complete their high school requirements in this manner and it was the perfect solution in a not so perfect situation.

    I’m glad it’s been a good alternative for you, as well. I think the industry will only grow and get better with time.

  2. Hi Nikki,

    I must admit that as much as I thoroughly enjoyed studying at school, these days I just don’t have the patience for any on-line studying, at the end of a busy day!

    My nephew is midway through an Open University degree course in business studies and my niece has taken numerous on-line exams in a variety of subjects, since leaving school.

    Hubbie will also, sit for hours following an on-line tutorial, usually something to do with building websites, social media and marketing, or photography techniques.

    I shall have to find out what kind of photography and video tutorials he uses and pass on the names of any he recommends 🙂

  3. rashbre says:

    Well done with that Certificate!

    I’ve also done quite a few online courses although they are usually mandatory ones from work. Sometimes it was necessary to get a certification or something to stay compliant with whatever was going on. I

    As you say, the types of courses have come along in leaps and bounds from a few years ago, and some of them can be quite helpful. I also use Lynda from time to time – I think I must have some sort of professional subscription.

    However – the last ‘training unit’ I did was quite different. I had to look up how to do some plumbing and found a guy who could show the best way! That was on youtube!

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