The Things Kids Say

The Things Kids Say

Crackers from my young niece and nephew over the years…


Niece (whispering): “Can I have some beer money please?” just before going for a walk to see the lambs.

Maybe she thought she was going down The Lamb (our local pub). In any case, the answer was no!


Nephew: “My mum’s crazy, my dad’s crazy and my sister is crazy. They all drive me crazy!”.


Me: “Stop picking your nose.”

Nephew: “I’m just getting my snots. I like snots.”

Me: “Bleurgh!”


Niece while undressing a doll: “She has a foof!”.


Always nice to have your niece & nephew run up saying “Yay! Auntie Nikki!!! … Where’s John?!”.


What funny things do the kids around you come out with?


  1. Lisa says:

    The crazy one gave me a huge chuckle as I have heard similar sentances myself from Harley about me and smallfry! I just love the things kids say, they certainly don’t beat around the bush 😉

    Liking your new blog Nik!

  2. Hi Nikki,

    You really can rely on children to pull something out of the bag to make you smile, even when you are trying to be cross with them, or they are driving you mad!

    Yesterday the weather down here in Somerset was absolutely beautiful, so we went down to Portland and Weymouth. We stopped in Weymouth for something to eat and a mother and her young son, were seated at the adjacent table. On the whole, the 4 year old was very well behaved, however he did start making quite a lot of noise and you could hear his mother trying to calm him down, by telling him he wasn’t being very funny. Then, the inevitable happened, mum reached across to stop him tipping his drink over, caught her knife and fork, which clattered to the stone floor, causing everyone to look!

    Son pipes up – “Now that really wasn’t very funny, was it?”

    Have a great week 🙂


  3. Tracy Terry says:

    Don’t you just love some of the things they come out with. As a teaching assistant one of the hardest parts of my job was trying not to laugh at things I found funny and yet knew I shouldn’t really be laughing at.

  4. Barbara says:

    Thanks for making me laugh! I will have to let you know what funny things our granddaughters say after their Christmas and New year visit. We’ve not seen them for two years so have a lot of catching up to do and I’m sure there will be a few funny things to report.

    • Nixy says:

      Happy to make you laugh, Barbara! I’m looking forward to hearing what your granddaughters say over Christmas and New Year 🙂

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