Beat Ticket Stress!

Beat Ticket Stress!

I just love going to concerts, but depending on who you want to go and see, buying tickets can be a complete and utter nightmare!

My favourite band is Take That, so buying tickets for their concerts generally goes something like this:

    • 30 minutes until tickets go on sale – Anxiety levels start rising. Must get tickets!
    • 15 minutes until tickets go on sale – I am logged into the ticket website. Double check payment details are up-to-date. Check dates/venues we want to attend.
    • 5 minutes until tickets go on sale – Tension is rising and time seems to be dragging!
    • 1 minute until tickets go on sale – Longest minute ever! Keep refreshing browser.
    • Tickets on sale now! This is where one of three things happens… 1. I manage to get tickets straight away and can breathe a sigh of relief (very unusual!). 2. I get put in what seems to be a never-ending queue. 3. The website crashes under the load of Take That fans all trying to buy tickets at the same time.

GB laughing.

However, to this date, I have never failed to get tickets before they sell out (and Take That tickets generally do sell out, quickly!).

Here are my tips for beating gig ticket stress and getting those tickets…

Get access to the pre-sale. Quite often there’s an offer of pre-sale ticket access if you are a member of the official mailing list or if you pre-order/buy their next album etc. O2 customers often get offered pre-sale access under their Priority Tickets scheme. Getting access to the pre-sale means you get that extra chance to get tickets and if you fail to get tickets in the pre-sale then there’s always a chance in the general sale a few days later.

Be prepared! Know what dates/venues you can/want to attend. Try to be available for more than one date in case that one sells out before you can get tickets.

Make sure your payment details are stored in your account and are up-to-date. If you don’t already have an account with the ticket company, make sure you create one before the tickets go on sale. Log-in to your account before the tickets go on sale. This saves precious time when trying to book the tickets!

If tickets are available via multiple sellers (e.g. SeeTickets and Ticketmaster) have a browser window open for each seller. This will give you more of a chance.

Find a seating plan for the venue and work out what area you’d like to get tickets for. Yes, we’d all like to be in the front row, but that’s not possible for everyone (and these days many artists are now selling higher-priced VIP type tickets for the first few rows, which is fine if you have the money and are willing to pay!).

Be on the ticket website well before the time they are due to go on sale and try refreshing the page in the minute before the sale time. Do not refresh the page if you are in a queue!

Make sure you have a good internet connection. Speed matters, as does reliability!

If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again! If the website crashes, it will come back on again soon, so keep trying. Chances are everyone else is having the same problem.

Try the venue’s phone line! This won’t usually work during a presale, but most people order online these days, so it’s definitely worth trying when the tickets are on general sale.

Extra dates are often added as others sell out, so keep an eye out for these. They’ll be announced on social media, but also keep checking the ticket sites later on in the morning/day (official ones!).

If everything else fails, check the official resell sites. Take That announced Twickets are their official ticket reseller for their next tour because they resell tickets at no more than face value. Also, check with venues for ticket returns (this can even be done on the day of the concert if you live nearby). As stage layouts are finalised, more tickets often become available, so keep checking!

Managed to get tickets? You can breathe now and look forward to the show!

Have you got any tips for buying tickets?


  1. Kelly says:

    Whew, I was stressed just reading the scenarios you stated! I rarely attend concerts, but for anything that might come to a local venue, I have pre-order benefits which help.

  2. Jo says:

    Eleanor got tickets last week for Ed Sheeran, it’s the third time that she’ll be seeing him and getting tickets has got easier each time. The first time she tried to get tickets they sold out before she got chance, she ended up getting them on a coach trip with a hotel included which she didn’t really want but it was a way she got to see him. The second time it looked as though they’d sold out and then an extra date was announced. She pounced and managed to snag some. This time she didn’t have any issue at all. One tip I can recommend is to have other people logging onto the website as well as yourself, they might be further forward in the queue than you are.

  3. Jeanna says:

    I can not tell you how much I planned for the last tickets (Dodgers @ Brewers) I tried to get and it was a total bust. Yet all those ticket vendors are still emailing me as if I’d ever deal with them again. The biggest problem I had was even though you bought the ticket they would come back and tell you later that they were no longer available, pffft.

  4. Leta says:

    Oh my! I know the struggle and there have been times when I didn’t get the tickets simply because the site crashed or all the tickets got sold out under 20 minutes. Thanks for the tips! I really could use some, haha. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  5. Debbie says:

    Hi Nikki, you sound like my sister (you aren’t are you?), she is a Take That fanatic and still loves going to their concerts. In fact, she and her husband are regular concert goers and took the children to their first concert last year too (The Killers). I have never been to a concert, just the thought makes me want to hide under the bed!… It sounds as if you know exactly how to get tickets and I’m sure other concert goers will love your tips.

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal.


  6. rashbre says:

    I know that scene and occasionally have been enlisted to help with ticket purchases in the ways you describe. Multiple computers as well as multiple browsers can sometimes help!

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