InCoWriMo: Challenge Completed

InCoWriMo: Challenge Completed

It’s mid-March and InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month) is well and truly over. The aim of InCoWriMo is to handwrite a letter, postcard, greetings card or note a day for the whole of February.

So, did I manage to complete the challenge and send a letter every day?

I did! I wrote one letter or postcard a day, every day for the whole month of February. I even surprised myself!

I wrote letters and postcards to:

Australia (1 to South Australia)

Canada (1 to British Columbia, 1 to Newfoundland and 2 to Ontario)

England (2 to Cumbria, 2 to Kent, 2 to Leicestershire, 1 to Liverpool, 1 to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 2 to Northamptonshire, 1 to Staffordshire and 1 to Yorkshire)

USA (2 to Arkansas, 2 to Florida, 1 to Hawaii, 1 to New Hampshire, 1 to Iowa, 1 to North Carolina, 1 to Texas and 1 to Wisconsin)

And one hand-delivered locally.

InCoWriMo - Paper and Pen

Some letters and postcards went to friends and current penpals, whilst others went to fellow bloggers and other people who’d signed up to InCoWriMo. Not everyone has replied (which is to be expected), but I am still getting letters delivered (one arrived yesterday!).

I did intend to get a bit “arty” with letters, but it just didn’t happen and in the end, I relied on good old fashioned fountain pen and paper (and maybe a little washi tape on the envelopes).

I have gained new penpals through the project and it was fun to participate. Whilst there were some days where I didn’t receive anything, it was a joy to come home from work to find multiple letters and postcards waiting to be read.

The letter-writing hasn’t stopped either. I’ve written another 8 letters so far this month and I’m off to London in a couple of days, so hopefully I’ll be sending a few postcards too.

I’m hoping to take part in similar challenges later on in the year.

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Do you handwrite letters? Did you take part in InCoWriMo this year?


  1. Kelly says:

    Congratulations on completing the challenge!! You’ve inspired me and I might try the challenge next year.

    I’ll give you a break on keeping straight our US postal codes since you’re from Wales… but AR is for Arkansas, not Arizona (AZ)! Trust me, that one gets mixed up a lot, even in this country.

    I’m hoping to sit down today to write you another letter. 🙂

    • Nikki says:

      Post amended! Sorry about that 🙂 I’m going to blame Google and being tired… I swear I put AR into Google and it said Arizona, only I’ve just tried it now and it says Arkansas! Ooops :/

  2. Wendy says:

    Hello Nikki,
    What a lovely thing to do. Where did you find your pen pals, as I am also thinking about this?


  3. Mary Jane G. Camacjo says:

    Great job! I completed it too! So fun! I’m actually still writing letters for the hell of it, and waiting for some responses from February as well. There’s also another challenge in April that I’m shooting for … 30 letters in 30 days.

  4. Hi Nikki,

    I haven’t corresponded with penpals since my schooldays, when pen and paper was all there was! Back then, I had one penpal in Germany and another in Singapore.

    I tend to ramble on a bit if I hand write a letter, but I do enjoy any opportunity to put pen to paper, although these are few and far between in this day and age, apart from the note I have just written to a relative in the US, following the recent death of my father, her brother.

    I follow someone on Twitter who only tweets about postcards from the past …

    I love looking at all the old postcards and the actual snippets of dialogue which have been extracted from them. My MIL has a small collection of postcards and if I could find out anything about the Twitter user, it might be quite nice to forward them on for their collection, rather than see thenm go to eventual waste.

    Well Done with the challenge and I hope that you are feeling a little better, very soon.

    Best Wishes,


  5. Jo says:

    That sounds like so much fun and well done on completing the challenge. There’s nothing quite like a hand written letter, they’re getting rarer these days with email and texts.

  6. LJ Conrad says:

    This is a lovely idea! Everyone loves getting handwritten letters these days. I keep meaning to start up letter-writing (for about the last twenty years…) but I get as far as drafting them in my head while out walking and never putting pen to paper. I should pay more attention to these sorts of incentive months.

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