You’ve Been Tangoed!

You’ve Been Tangoed!

Hungry, but having already eaten my lunch, I headed to the snack machine in work. Selecting a bag of crisps and a can of Apple Tango, I sat down at my desk and carried on with my work. However, one glance at the can and memories of Orange Tango’s 1990’s TV advertising came flooding back.

Basically, a man painted orange appears on scene and runs around three of men (one of whom is drinking Tango) before slapping the one with the Tango across the cheeks, then the slogan “You know when you’ve been Tangoed!”.

Subsequently, this set off children copying the advert and running up to others and slapping them, shouting “You’ve been Tangoed!”. Only they did it whether you were drinking Tango or not!

I remember very well the red cheeks and subsequent earache after being “Tangoed”!

I don’t think you’d get away with such an advert these days.


Do you remember the “You’ve Been Tangoed!” advert? Are there any adverts from your childhood which stand out or were controversial?


  1. Kelly says:

    That’s hilarious, but I can see how it might have caused problems.

    What with TiVo and DVRs, people often skip advertisements now, but I can think of so many that have been clever and better than the tv programs they sponsored!

  2. I remember the advert – it was a bit silly to encourage people to slap others. I also remember an advert where (I think)someone got out of a car and slapped a passer-by with a large dead fish – I have no idea what the advert was for!

  3. Hi Nikki,

    The whole ‘You’ve Been Tangoed’ bit, only really worked because of the orange drink, didn’t it? Not really given to drinking fizzy drinks much, I had no idea that since then they had produced other flavours. I wonder why companies can’t just stick to something they did well, rather than trying to be all things to all men and consequently succeeding at none!

    I managed to find this particular compilation of 1970s adverts, where I could remember evry single one of them …

    Apparently the Cadbury’s ‘Milk Tray Man’, is set to make a comeback in a modern version of the advert, although these days the chocolate just doesn’t taste the same and the fillings are pretty bland as well!

    Great trip down memory lane watching all those old commercials which we so avidly devoured and remembered back then, but as Kelly points out, which we are so eager to fast forward through, these days 🙂


  4. Barbara says:

    I do remember those adverts they made me smile at the time, but it was a pretty silly thing to do when you think about it now.
    I remember the Hovis bread advert with the boy pushing his bike up a very steep cobbled street. I had forgotten all about it until we moved to Dorset and ended up living about 6 miles from where the advert was filmed. It was strange seeing the street in ‘real’ life.

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