PSDCovers – Digital product shots within seconds

PSDCovers – Digital product shots within seconds

Yesterday evening a friend messaged me and asked for advice on a lightbox kit for product photography. After a brief conversation, I enquired as to what the product was. Greeting cards was the reply.

Do you have the artwork? Yes? Excellent!

Forget about messing around with a lightbox kit and camera. Load up Photoshop and get yourself over to the PSDCovers website.

PSDCovers turns 2D designs into 3D product shots within seconds. It’s not just ideal for greeting cards, but for all kinds of items such as business stationery (business cards, letterheads, envelopes etc), product packaging, books, magazines, notebooks, brochures, leaflets, mugs, cans, t-shirts and much more.

Each mock-up product shot can be downloaded as a 2-step Photoshop Action. The first step creates a file in which you drop your artwork into the appropriate place, then the second step works it’s magic and creates your realistic product shot within seconds and without the need for a camera and lighting.

The final artwork is a layered file in which you can make any tweaks you need to or even drop in your own background. Perfect!

I’ve been using these at work for a while and the boss actually thought I’d been doing product photography when I first showed him the results.

Oh, I forgot… These Photoshop actions from PSDCovers are FREE!

Visit PSDCovers to create your product shots using Photoshop actions.

(Visit PSDCovers – How It Works if you need a little help with what to do).


  1. Rob says:

    Thanks so much for the rec! Worked a treat and I’ve actually used the opportunity to migrate from Pixelmator up to Photoshop proper! If you can ping me your postal address, I’ll send you a few cards over as a thank you!

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