Manchester Street Art – April 2024

Manchester Street Art – April 2024

On a recent trip to Manchester to see James Blunt in concert, I took time to wander around the city centre to see if I could find any new street art.

Street art is abundant in Manchester’s city centre, especially in the Northern Quarter. Some of it, like this Blue Tit by Faunagraphic (also known as Sarah Yates) in a car park between Newton Street and Port Street, has been there for well over a decade, while other examples of street art come and go quite regularly.

Blue Tit mural by Faunagraphic.
Blue Tit by Faunagraphic.
Earth, Wind, Fire and Water by Deus, Philth, Ventsa and N4t41.
Earth, Wind, Fire and Water by Deus, Philth, Ventsa and N4t41.

Another long-standing mural is this one representing Earth, Wind, Fire and Water by Deus, Philth, Ventsa and N4t41 on the corner of Church Street and Red Lion Street. It’s difficult to photograph in its full glory from the street due to construction site hoarding (which seems to have been there for an equally long time!). A better view might be gained from the multi-storey car park opposite.

Poppy mural by Qubek.

This beautiful poppy mural by Qubek can be found on the side of the multi-storey car park on Tib Street. It’s dedicated to the workers of J. & N. Philips & Co Ltd who died in the First & Second World Wars. The tablets above the mural were transferred from the premises of the company whose building stood on the site from 1826 until 1969.

Duck street art by The Hammo.
Duck street art by The Hammo.

Further up Tib Street, on the corner of Thomas Street, street artist The Hammo has adorned one side of the substation with some ducks. You might remember another mural of his on another wall of the substation from last year, but it has now been replaced by “It’ll be reet!” by Becky McGillivray.

It'll be reet! by Becky McGillivray.
It’ll be reet! by Becky McGillivray.
Cat and fish mural by The Hammo.
Cat and fish mural by The Hammo.

More of The Hammo’s artwork can be found on the side of The Manchester Craft & Design Centre on Copperas Street. It’s a nod to the centre’s past as a Victorian fish market when cats would be regular visitors working as pest control and being rewarded with treats of fish. I suspect I’ve missed this one in the past due to walking through the Craft & Design Centre rather than walking down the street.

One of WRDSMTH’s trademark typewriters.
One of WRDSMTH’s trademark typewriters.

On the corner of Copperas Street and Hare Street sits one of WRDSMTH’s trademark typewriters. I’ve previously spotted his artwork on the substation on the corner of Thomas Street and Tib Street, as well as on Carpenters Lane. The skeletons standing above the typewriter are by Rx Skulls.

Dog mural.

Also on Hare Street is this dog mural, though I don’t know who the artist is. “Inspirational quote on colourful background” had been there the previous time I’d looked. On the other side of the street now sits this Barbie mural by Katie Scott (whose artwork can also be found outside Afflecks on Church Street.

Barbie mural by Katie Scott.
Barbie mural by Katie Scott.

Talking of Afflecks… The old windows of the ground floor of the Tib Street side of the Afflecks building feature several Manchester-themed mosaics. Sadly, a couple of vans were in the way of most of them, but here are two of the mosaics.

Dog mosaic outside Afflecks, Manchester.

Emiline Pankhurst mosaic, Manchester.

I found this mural by Liam Bononi down Back Thomas Street. I’ve come across one of his before on the junction of Oak Street and Carpenters Lane, though that one has now sadly been covered over. Fracturing seems to be a common theme within his artwork.

Mural by Liam Bononi.
Mural by Liam Bononi.

I came across a few murals by Yerp whilst on my wanders, all featuring these very similar, grotesque characters.

Street art by Yerp, Manchester.

Street art by Yerp, Manchester.

Street art by Yerp, Manchester.

Finally… Brightening up a corner of Back Piccadilly, just off Newton Street is this colourful mural by Alex Cullen.

Mural by Alex Cullen.

I wonder what I’ll see on my next visit!


    • Nikki says:

      I hope you enjoy your visit to Manchester. I’m sure you’ll spot some of the street art, especially if you visit the Northern Quarter area of the city.

  1. Kris P says:

    I’d love to see downtown LA decorated in street art like this! There is one tall building in our downtown area, abandoned midway through construction by the builders, that’s been decorated with graffiti but the authorities have ordered it cleaned up…

  2. Street art in the city centre doesn’t seem to change now as regularly as it once did so I don’t go on the hunt often as I used to – weekly visits have now changed to monthly. I have all of these although I’ve yet to feature the latest ones on my blog.
    You must have missed ‘Mr Smith’s Dream’ – a tiny window set in the wall just a few yards away from Hammo’s ‘cat with fish’ mural. If you’re ever passing the craft and design centre again do have a look through, what’s inside is so cute 🙂

    • Nikki says:

      I tend to go to Manchester around 3 times a year at the moment, so tend to notice the changes more. I’ve seen Mr Smith’s Dream, but can’t remember if I’ve actually seen it of it was just on a video.

  3. Kelly says:

    What a great variety of murals! I’m not sure I can pick a favorite. I also love the mosaic art, especially the dog! The skeletons above the typewriter are cute. Now I need to go click on some of your links….

  4. Astrid says:

    It almost looks like you went on a treasure hunt, Nikki. Great finds and what I like is that each one has its own style or message. I think this must have been quite the happy hunt for you. I really like the Barbie in the toy box. The poppy mural is well done with beautiful colour tones. This post is very inspirational. Thank you, Nikki.

    • Nikki says:

      Thank you for your wonderful comments. It’s always a joy to stroll around Manchester (I’ve been quite lucky with the weather, really!).

  5. Ginnie Hart says:

    How very FABULOUS, Nikki. I’m a huge fan of GOOD wall murals like these and can remember when we saw them in a city in Denmark last year, where we tried to find as many of them as we could in a short period of time. Good for you to do the research and figure most of them out!

  6. Wow, such variation…totally love it.
    A Mancunian friend is very blase’ about the murals, since he sees them all of the time, but I love ’em.
    That fat pink cat with all the fish…little piggy!

  7. Marty says:

    All of them are so good! I vote the “Earth Wind and Fire” as my favorite, with the Barbie and those lovely murals (particularly the one of the dog) as honorable mentions. But honestly they’re all really good. Great spotting!

  8. jeanie says:

    I love all of these, Nicki (some more than others, of course) but the blue tit fascinates me. Not only is it well “drawn” and painted, but the texture of the bricks under the paint almost makes it look like a mosaic. It’s quite stunning.

  9. Beverley says:

    These are all amazing pieces of artwork. Manchester is certainly alive with a wide variety of artistic inspiration and talent. Thank you for sharing these ones.

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