Valkohieta Beach, Finland

Valkohieta Beach, Finland

Have you ever had a whole beach to yourself?

On a hot day back in June, during my visit to Finland, my friend and I discovered we had an entire beach all to ourselves. We’d spent a few hours in Kokkola, looking around the old town and the shops, and I wanted to see what else the area had to offer. When looking at the map for places to explore, I found Valkohieta (White Sands) on the northern end of the peninsula just outside of Kokkola. Perfect!

A path through the trees.
The path through the trees to the beach at Valkohieta, near Kokkola, Finland.
The beach at Valkohieta.
The beach at Valkohieta.

We followed Trullevintie road out of Kokkola and up the peninsula until we reached the car park for Valkohieta beach. From there, we followed a path through the trees and down to the beach. We were greeted by a tranquil, sandy beach, without a single other person in sight. Heaven!

Sand and rocks on the beach at Valkohieta, Finland.
Looking south on Valkohieta beach.
Rocks and boulders on the beach at Valkohieta, Finland.
Rocks and boulders on the beach.
Looking north from Valkohieta.
Looking north from Valkohieta.

Whilst the middle of the shore was sandy, rocks and boulders adorned the shoreline to either side. We explored the beach and the rocks, enjoying the peace and quiet of having this secluded beach to ourselves. I could have stayed there all day.

The sandy beach at Valkohieta.

I must admit that I didn’t go for a paddle. I’d like to say my excuse was that I didn’t have a towel with me, but, truth be told, I find the water of Cardigan Bay on the Welsh coast cold enough, never mind the more northerly water of the Gulf of Bothnia!

Watching the waves at Valkohieta.
Watching the waves at Valkohieta.
Rocks in the water at Valkohieta.
Rocks in the water at Valkohieta.

For cool evenings or chillier days, the beach has a hut and campfire pit, with plenty of wood on hand for making a campfire. There are also changing rooms (should you fancy a dip in the water!) and a toilet.

The hut and campfire pit at Valkohieta.
The hut and campfire pit at Valkohieta.
The toilet at Valkohieta.
The little girls/boys room!

I would love to sit around a campfire there one cool summer evening and watch the sun go down. Imagine that.

Hopefully, I’ll get to return someday.


  1. What a lovely looking place, and how wonderful to have it all to yourself. The fourth photo looks very much like a beach I went to on Anglesey a few years ago – it wasn’t the easiest of places to find and get to which probably explains why there was no-one else there 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    I’m sure that would be mighty chilly water, so I don’t blame you for not swimming! I’m not normally a fan of beaches, but I bet that would be a lovely place to have a bonfire and cookout.

  3. Ginnie Hart says:

    I can just imagine the thrill of that place all to yourselves, Nikki! And, like you, I would also need a towel, so I totally “get” not paddling around barefoot there. I already have enough trouble keeping my feet warm! 🙂 Your photos of the place more than make up for whatever else you could have done there.

  4. Astrid says:

    This is like “heaven on earth” to me, Nikki. Look at that beach and the rocks, just amazing. I would not mind a day here an have a nice walk allover the place. Great picture and a wonderful memory to keep.

  5. Ann says:

    What a stunning place, Nikki, and how lucky you were to have that beach to yourselves! Thank you for sharing a slice of Summer on this grey and miserable November day! xxx

  6. Yeah, Another Blogger says:

    Hello Nikki. A fine place to relax and mellow-out in. I wouldn’t have gone in the cold waters either. Neil S.

  7. autumnrainbow says:

    To have the beach all to yourself is bliss. To imagine watching the sun goes down the horizon and replaced by sparkling jewels in the sky is heaven! Nice photos 🙂

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