Supporting Small Businesses: Spotlight Post

Supporting Small Businesses: Spotlight Post

Welcome to the twelfth edition of my Supporting Small Businesses series. Subscription boxes are all the rage right now and they come in a range of subjects and sizes. I love stationery and writing letters, so I was immediately interested when Spotlight Post released its first subscription box in April 2021.

Spotlight Post is the brainchild of Mary & Rob of Spotlight Stationery and Lucy, one of their subscribers. The subscription box is aimed at people who love writing letters and keeping in touch with pens and paper rather than email and text. It raises money for From Me To You, a wonderful charity that encourages people to write letters, anonymously, to cancer patients. £2 from each subscription box is donated to the charity.

Spotlight Post letter.

The great thing about Spotlight Post is that while their primary option is a monthly subscription, you can subscribe bi-monthly or, if they have any left, you can pick up a previous month’s box as a one-off purchase.

Washi tape
Washi tape.
Stickers and used stamps.
Stickers and used stamps.
More stickers from Spotlight Post.
More stickers.

When June rolled around, I decided to finally treat myself to a Spotlight Post subscription. Having already got a stash of stationery I need to use up, I chose to go for the bi-monthly subscription. June’s subscription box was mailed on Monday, 28th June and swiftly landed in my mailbox on Wednesday, 30th June. As I chose the bi-monthly subscription, my next box won’t be due until the end of August, but no doubt I’ll see what’s in the July box and will want that too!

A set of 4 postcards.
A set of 4 postcards.
Small Cambridge Imprint greetings card.
Ducks and Rabbits – A7 Cambridge Imprint greetings card.
A6 Cambridge Imprint greetings card.
Jug and Blossom – A6 Cambridge Imprint greetings card.
Räder Poppies greetings card.
Räder Poppies greetings card.

Upon opening the box (which fits through any letterbox), I was greeted with an A5 sheet of paper welcoming me to the third Spotlight Post box. As well as listing this month’s contents, it also gives some fun facts. This month it asks if you’ve ever wondered about the difference between “Mail” and “Post”? You know what, that question has crossed my mind in the past! If you don’t know the answer (and haven’t subscribed to Spotlight Post), then the answer can be found at Flea Market Love Letters (a blog that I can see myself spending a lot of time reading!).

Laura Stoddart Fern card.
Laura Stoddart Fern card.
Original Crown Mill cream writing paper & envelope.
Original Crown Mill cream writing paper & envelope.
Decorated A5 writing paper.
Decorated A5 writing paper.
Decorated A5 writing paper.
Decorated A5 writing paper.

There is a whole host of goodies in the Spotlight Post box including writing paper, envelopes, stickers, stamps, greetings cards, postcards, pens and washi tape – all wrapped up in red tissue paper and a gold sticker. All of these are things I would use and they are good quality products too. 

Bindewerk DL patterned envelopes (front).
Bindewerk DL patterned envelopes (front).
Bindewerk DL patterned envelopes (back).
Bindewerk DL patterned envelopes (back).

My favourite thing in the box is the Räder Poppies greetings card and I already know who I’m going to send it to. I’m really looking forward to using these products and I’m sure my pen friends will enjoy them too.

3 pens.
Pentel Energel rollerball pen, Pentel iZee ballpoint pen and Zebra neon highlighter pen.

Spotlight Post subscription boxes currently cost £25 + delivery costs (£2.50 in the UK).

Spotlight Post = Happy Mail!

Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes?


Please note: I bought this subscription box with my own money and I am in no way affiliated with Spotlight Post.


  1. While I haven’t sent a handwritten letter in years, I do mail greeting cards, and fill the inside with my horrible penmanship.
    Buying greeting cards is a hobby; I shop in all kinds of locations, hoping to find unique and individual-specific topics.

  2. Kelly says:

    What a perfect subscription box for you!! The only one I do is the quarterly subscription from Field Notes. I would enjoy something like this, too. There are so many fun, lovely items in it!

    I think you need to up yours to once a month!

  3. Kris P says:

    I don’t subscribe to much of anything anymore, even having giving up most magazines, but I’m considering returning to paper cards in lieu of ecards in at least some cases. I loved the Spotlight Post’s post cards!

  4. I must admit that I can’t remember the last time I actually wrote a full length letter to someone. I generally find myself adding a short note to the side page of a greetings card, which I know just isn’t the same! I fact I was so appalled at the price of postage stamps when I topped up last week, that I am even considering cutting out greetings cards too, except for the one or two very elderly relatives who don’t understand ecards.

    Yet I still hanker after good looking stationery and pens, so please Post Office, make letter writing affordable and we might be able to encourage people to take up their pens and start rediscovering the art of real writing!

    I don’t do subscriptions to anything really either, although I can see the appeal of this particular offering, to someone like yourself, who loves to keep in touch the traditional way – Good for you! 🙂

  5. Jo says:

    I’d definitely enjoy receiving something like this, I love stationery. I don’t subscribe to any subscription boxes at the moment but I’m sorely tempted.

  6. Mary Wright says:

    Thanks very much for this review, Nikki, and I’m delighted that you like our stationery box!


  7. Ann says:

    This is just perfect, Nikki! So many delectable goodies in one subscription box. Surely a delight to receive and an incentive to start sending more snail mail! xxx

  8. Anca says:

    I have two subscription boxes for vegan products, one lifestyle and one for beauty. It’s always amazing to receive them, so I fully understand your excitement when you got the box. Not knowing what’s inside makes this kind of subscription boxes both fun and wonderful.
    I love everything you’ve received in the box, the paper looks so nice. I would have purchased a box if I was writing letters, but I’m not.

  9. Beautiful stationary! I just wish I did enough writing to enjoy a box like this, however I have just signed up for a box subscription from the Tea Time Bookshop, which I am super excited to receive my first box of soon!

  10. Aiva Vocisa says:

    I wish we had something similar in Ireland. I love sending snail mail and hunting for beautiful postcards and cards – it is one of my hobbies that can bring you lots of joy and new friends! These days everyone spends hours a day communicating through social media, texts, and emails. But these digital messages don’t have the same feeling as a handwritten letter! Let me know if you want to be my Pen friend 🙂 Aiva xx

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