Tranquility Haven

Tranquility Haven

In the corner of a quiet street in Whitton, near Knighton, sits Tranquility Haven. At first glance, it looks like an unassuming property, but through the gate lies something unexpected in Mid Wales… a Japanese Stroll Garden.

Looking through to the garden.

A path winds its way around this tightly packed garden with a stream running through the centre. It’s not a big garden, but it certainly packs a lot in and there’s so much to see. Even the two red footbridges are striking in colour.

A statue and plant at Tranquility Haven.

Beginning to flower.

Blossom at Tranquility Haven.

During my visit, the blossom was in full bloom and there was an array of colours throughout the garden. It’s such a peaceful place with just the babbling of the stream, birdsong and the odd passing car to be heard. It really does have a fitting name.

The garden at Tranquility Haven.

Winding path through the garden.

The stream flowing through the garden at Tranquility Haven.

There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy these wonderful surroundings, whether it’s up on the terrace by the house or down in the Japanese Tea House. It’s worth looking out at the views surrounding Tranquility Haven too. Views out of the garden look towards the historic Offa’s Dyke Path which roughly follows the Wales/England border. If you’ve got a couple of weeks to spare, Offa’s Dyke Path is definitely worth a walk, or, of course, you could do it in sections.

A statue in the garden.

Looking over the garden at Offa's Dyke beyond.

The garden at Tranquility Haven, Whitton.

The Japanese Tea House at Tranquility Haven.

Tranquility Haven is a private garden that opens for the National Garden Scheme, helping raise vital funds for nursing and health care charities. I am a volunteer for the NGS and last weekend I visited in advance of Tranquility Haven’s pop-up opening tomorrow (2nd May 2021) to take some photos. The garden opens again in June and October when it will have evolved with more plants flowering. I’m looking forward to visiting again to see how the garden changes throughout the year.

Walking through the garden.

The garden at Tranquility Haven, Knighton.

A path through the garden.

Looking over the garden from the terrace.

Tranquility Haven’s owner Val and her late husband created this garden from scratch 15 years ago, but it was only in 2019 that Val decided to open her garden. She wanted to give something back after her husband died of cancer – he had help from Macmillan Cancer Support, one of the health care charities which benefit from the money raised by the National Garden Scheme.

A grey poodle.
One of Val’s dogs came to say hello.

If you would like to visit Tranquility Haven, please pre-book your tickets on the NGS website.

Tranquility Haven is open:
Sunday, 2nd May 2021
Saturday, 5th June 2021
Sunday, 6th June 2021
Saturday, 12th June 2021
Sunday, 13th June 2021
Saturday, 2nd October 2021
Sunday, 3rd October 2021
Saturday, 16th October 2021
Sunday, 17th October 2021

The garden is also open by arrangement between April and October for groups of up to 20.

Tranquility Haven, 7 Lords Land, Whitton, Knighton, Powys, LD7 1NJ.


    • valerie Brown says:

      yes koi you will see, and lots more, love Val owner and Landscaper looking forward to seeing you all,

  1. Susan Paynton says:

    Fantastic photos and a great story Nikki. It’s quite extraordinary what the owner Val has created here in mid Wales. We really appreciate all the hard work you do for the National Garden Scheme Nikki. Big thank you!

  2. Hi Nikki,

    What a beautiful little treasure to have discovered and I’m sure your lovely pictures will remind you of it for some time to come. It looks so peaceful and tranquil.

    I really like the Japanese style of garden display, there is a lovely example in Kew Gardens, London. That one is also quite compact and just goes to show what is achievable in a small space, if you have a good eye and the right planting.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope that all is well with you 🙂

  3. LL Cool Joe says:

    That looks like a beautiful garden. I went to Sarah Raven’s garden in East Sussex last week with my mother-in-law. Not really my cup of tea, but she enjoyed it even though it was freezing cold.

  4. Kris P says:

    That’s not something I’d expect to see in a private garden in the UK! I’m sure it’ll be a good fundraiser for the NGS charity. I hope things go smoothly with the open gardens program this year.

  5. Kelly says:

    What an unexpected treat – a Japanese garden in the midst of Wales! Those pink blooms are stunning. I look forward to future visits to see what’s blooming in the summer and fall. In fact, I hope you’ll get to visit many gardens this year. I always enjoy the photos.

  6. Jo says:

    What a wonderful garden. The owners have certainly packed all the elements of a Japanese garden into it, very striking.

  7. Lauretta says:

    My husband wants to create a Japanese corner of the garden so he’ll be taking inspiration from this. The colours are beautiful – and it looks like such a pictureque and calming place to visit.

  8. Ann says:

    Who would have thought that a gem of a Japanese garden – however small – is to be found in Mid Wales! It’s utterly enchanting! Perhaps if it’s open when we’re in the area next year – keeping fingers firmly crossed her – we might put it on our itinerary. Thank you for sharing! xxx

  9. Sophie says:

    Oh wow, this is so beautiful. This garden is absolutely gorgeous. I love blossom trees, they’re one of my favourites, they never fail to put a smile on my face!

  10. I was amazed at how much could be achieved in 15 years, Nikki, and how it draws you in. (I walked Offa’s Dyke a few year’s ago – it was a very hard walk in places.)

  11. valerie Brown says:

    Val the owner and garden landscaper, thank you for your great interest in my garden, yes do have Koi, lots more to see, lookforward to seeing you all Love Val

  12. Lisa says:

    What a gorgeous looking place for a visit – you certainly picked a good day, your pictures are beautiful. There’s something about cherry blossoms that lift even the dullest of spirits, isn’t there? 🙂

  13. Aimsy says:

    What a beautiful place to visit. It just looks so tranquil and peaceful. Also, love that proceeds go towards Macmillan, what a wonderful way to celebrate your husband’s life!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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