Sugar – 2 Years On

Sugar – 2 Years On

Two years ago, I met this beautiful little lady, Sugar. I was attending one of Shropshire Cat Rescue’s open days and there she was. I was only there to have a look around, I wasn’t intending on bringing home a cat. After all, I had only lost my Leo just a month or so before. But… There she was. This big bundle of fur tugging at my heart.

Sugar cat lying down.

Sugar is a Ragamuffin and oh does she have a personality! She’s chatty, bossy, insistent, but so very adorable. I’ve never known a cat to talk so much, although a lot of what she says sounds like “NOW!” or “NO!”.

Sugar watching the birds.
Sugar watching the birds.

Nothing pleases her more than being allowed to sleep on the bed or getting fed her favourite food (whatever that happens to be at any given moment!). She loves watching the shadows on the wall, talking to the birds and playing with her catnip banana. She tickles Silky’s toes when she’s trying to sleep and she defiantly sits on the dining table, using her sweet face to get around me. Sugar bosses Silky about a bit, but Silky has slowly learnt to stand up for herself, even being the instigator from time to time.

Silky and Sugar lying on the bed.
It’s not often Silky and Sugar get this close together!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing with Sugar. She had been stressed in her previous home and had developed a habit of urinating where she shouldn’t. However, Sugar has come a long way and is now very well behaved in that respect, although she does like you tell you she’s going to the litter box.

Sugar posing.

As well as celebrating 2 years with the delightful Sugar, I would like to point you in the direction of Shropshire Cat Rescue. Many charities are struggling at this time. Focus is being put on raising money for NHS Charities by many fundraisers, but we must also remember all the other charities out there who have lost their primary ways of raising money.

Shropshire Cat Rescue doesn’t just find new homes for cats, they also have a Retirement Village. The Retirement Village gives cats the second chance they might not have elsewhere. These cats can live out the rest of their lives in comfort and have the freedom to roam around safely in their own little village. However, all of this comes at a cost. The charity has vets bills, food and other costs they need to be able to pay for. If you can, please consider donating.

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  1. Carol says:

    The idea of retirement village for pets is just so beautiful. Love your photos of Sugar. I bet she twists people around her little toes.

  2. Jo says:

    Awww, they’re both such cuties. The charities must be hard hit at the moment as fundraising events are having to be cancelled and donations are often being sent in other directions.

  3. Hi Nikki,

    Okay! So you know that I am really not a cat person – however, even I am moved by the lovely shots you managed to get and by Sugar’s story and journey back to health and happiness with you.

    There are so many charities out there, experiencing some really tough times right now and I just can’t imagine how all of them are going to survive. They are all such deserving causes in their own right and Shropshire Cat Rescue are lucky to have you as an ambassador.

    Take Care and thanks for a lovely post 🙂


  4. Kris P says:

    Both Sugar and Silky are beautiful cats. I got my Pipig (her name is Swedish for “squeaky”) from a rescue group when I went in “just to look” too. I’d lost one of my 2 cats (both also rescues) several months before and convinced myself that the remaining cat, Ming, needed a companion after the loss of his sibling. Ming took a little convincing but they got along well. I lost Ming several years ago and recently suggested to my husband that maybe Pipig needs a companion but he argued that she’s happy being empress of our household. (He’s not a cat person.)

  5. Thank you for stopping by our blog. Sugar is gorgeous! I’ve never seen a cat quite like her! Ellie is our “talker.” At times, we jokingly call her Yellie – but I think she’s really just updating us on her day and how many times she killed her sparkle balls 🙂 Bear Cat got his name because he’s sweet like Winnie the Pooh. Officially, his name is Pooh Bear – but with his … err … fascination for trouble, it quickly got shortened!

  6. Aww she’s beautiful! I love that she’s settled into a good home after a difficult start. I’ve definitely found myself in the not buying, just looking phase and ended up coming home with a new furry friend before too. They’re too cute to resist x


  7. Lisa says:

    Ahhhh, she’s gorgeous! Such a lovely story and I’m so pleased she’s found her forever home with you. Our cats are all rescue cats too, we’d never think of looking anywhere else! Lisa x

  8. Anca says:

    She is such a sweetie. I didn’t realize you got her 2 years ago, it seems like it was only a few months ago. I’m happy to see that she is better.

  9. Margie.Merc says:

    How wonderful for Sugar that you found her. Or maybe she found you? She certainly is a beauty. And I bet she is a joy to have around during these crazy times.

  10. lisl says:

    The pictures of your lovely Sugar have reminded me that just Prior to Lock-down, we were considering approaching the local Cats’ Protection League to home an older cat, something that we must progress properly when we can. Sugar is delightful

  11. Oh how beautiful is Sugar!!!!!!!!

    And how lovely, that she is a rescue and you were willing to give her a good home!

    They are both precious cats. And I’m sure, add so much Joy, to your life.

    Gentle hugs,

  12. Sugar is adorable!
    We lost our Chuck in November, and we weren’t looking to adopt again quickly, but I walked into my favourite pet store, and there were Manny and Chili Bruce, waiting for me! It was just meant to be, like Sugar was for you.

  13. She is adorable! We just adopted a cat, right before quarantine, and boy has he been quite the entertainment. Your pics are beautiful, and neat to see you are from Wales, place of some of my early ancestors. 🙂

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