Concert Etiquette: How Not to Annoy Me at a Concert!

Concert Etiquette: How Not to Annoy Me at a Concert!

I absolutely love going to concerts. Actually, I hate to think how much money I’ve spent on going to concerts since my very first one in 1994… It’s not just the concert ticket, it’s the programme, the t-shirt, the merchandise, the travel, the hotel. Still, it’s all been worth it. There are, however, people who have no respect for others at concerts.

Seasoned concert-goers will encounter the same issues time and time again, no matter the music artist or the venue. I would have probably brushed most of these things off when I was younger, but as I hurtle towards my 40’s I find them very annoying. I’ve paid for this concert and I want to enjoy it!

First off, don’t queue-jump or push in front. Want to be at the front barrier for a standing gig? Get there early and queue! Don’t expect to rock up late and push your way to a good spot at the front. The people around you won’t thank you for it.

Kiefer Sutherland at Gorilla in Manchester.

Want to be near the front but can’t queue for hours on end? Head towards the sides of the front of the stage. Most people head towards the middle, so you’ll notice fewer people towards the sides.

Don’t arrive halfway through the support act. When I saw Rick Astley support Take That in Manchester earlier this year, I missed most of his set because of people going back and forth from our row for drinks/toilet and then others trying to find their seats and asking what row we were (we were at the end of our row). Very annoying!

Don’t talk throughout the performance. People have paid good money to see and hear a performer, they do not want to hear you and your mate chatting away. While you may think you’re holding a private conversation, you’re actually shouting quite loudly so your friend can hear you. Everyone around you can hear you too and its rather distracting. I don’t want to hear what Mavis at work was doing. Shut up and enjoy the music! Chat after the show.

My view from Block F, Row K, Seat 16 (Manchester Arena).

Don’t watch the whole performance through your phone or camera. The people behind you want to see the gig too! I must admit, I’m sometimes guilty of this, but I do try to limit the time I’m taking photos.

Yes, banners are fun, but not for the people behind you!

Don’t get drunk! I’ve never understood people getting absolutely bladdered at concerts. Concert tickets are fairly expensive these days (as are drinks on sale at the venue) and yet time and time again I see people getting so drunk they spoil the show for everyone around them. They get loud, throw up, can barely stand, spill drink all over themselves and other people, get argumentative and start fights, and the list goes on. Why?! They rarely see much, if any, of the show, whilst ruining it for everyone else. This behaviour is getting more and more common. Both the venues and the people getting drunk need to take more responsibility. I’ve never understood the need to get drunk in order to have a good time! Of course, these are the same people who are back and forth from their seats/spot because their bladder is permanently full.

This post might come across as a bit of a moan or whine, but I’m sure anyone who has been to a concert has had to put up with the above and more. Is there anything which annoys you at concerts?

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  1. Jo says:

    It’s a long time since I’ve been to a concert but those things would irritate me too. Eleanor and I went to the ballet at Christmas and Eleanor had a little boy sat next to her who was about five years old and wasn’t interested at all. Why would you take a child of that age to see a ballet when they don’t want to be there? All we heard throughout the performance was him moaning that he wanted to leave and his mum telling him to stop whining.

  2. Kelly says:

    Excellent list! I don’t attend a lot of live shows (I prefer studio music), but will add one more… I realize many performers encourage the crowd to sing along on some of their biggest hits, but please, don’t sing along with every single song! I’ve paid to hear the real performers, not a fan.

  3. Excellent post!

    Not concert-going at my age -grin- but fully agree with everything you said. And the sad thing is, they all add up to common sense. So it goes to show, how much common sense is _missing_, from today’s world.

    Thank you for your comment. We have the exact same view, on blogging interaction. We visit/comment on the blogs which do the same, to ours.

    Again, common sense. IMHO anyway. -smile-

    And thank you, for having my previously filled in data, show up again, on this comment form! Having to do this filling-in-data thing, every time, is a turn-off, on some blogs. More common sense? ,-)

  4. Hi Nikki,

    We don’t go to too many concerts, but I know full well that having paid good money for a ticket, I would get totally wound up by any of the bad behavior traits you mention. I know that everyone’s idea of having a good time out is different, but we all need to show respect and consideration for those around us.

    I can never understand the sale of alcohol at either events like your own, or on flights, where people lose all sense of control and dignity. Of course it is all a money and profit making exercise for the organisers and companies, however I think that an alcohol ban isn’t too much to ask, especially when airlines in particular, then get annoyed when passengers imbibe too freely!

    The problem with pushing in and talking through a show, is just inherent bad manners, made worse these days by the fact that we can’t seem to function without a mobile phone glued to our hands!

    Makes you wonder why we all keep giving these companies our money and is it a price worth paying to see a band or show that we like? I know that my perspective on that has changed drastically over the last few years.

    Thanks for an interesting post, I do enjoy a good debate 🙂


  5. I gotta say that everything you mention is simply common sense and good manners, but there are always people who are selfish and immature. Like you, I don’t understand it either. Actually, you see similar behaviour on the road… Haven’t been to a big-name concert for a little while – can’t beat live music!

  6. Anca says:

    Gosh, this sounds terrible. I haven’t been to a concert like this in many years, but I’ve been to a symphonic concert recently and it was amazing. I’m not sure I would be too happy to put up with drunken and/or inconsiderate people after paying a lot of money to go to a concert. I’d rather leave than being so annoyed.

  7. Debbie says:

    Hi Nikki, I’m not one for going to concerts, but my sister and husband a regular concert goers. I do believe they saw Take That supported by Rick Astley ( my sister is a die had Take That fan). A lot of your list is just common courtesy, which doesn’t seem to come easily to some. It would peeve me if I’d paid good money to enjoy something for it to be ruined by the thoughtlessness of others.


  8. Liesbet says:

    All very valid points! We rarely go to concerts anymore, because they are so expensive. I can only imagine having to deal with (some of) these annoyances on one of those special nights out, having paid a fortune. Yikes!

    These days (we are in our forties), we’d rather attend mellow, often free, concerts in parks and such, where there is room to sit and spread out. 🙂

    Many people are selfish and oblivious, whether on concerts, the road, or elsewhere. It seems to have become a part of life, sadly enough.

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