Tommy V Cancer – Book Review

Tommy V Cancer – Book Review

When author Tommy Donbavand was diagnosed with inoperable, stage 4 throat cancer, he set-up a blog in the hope of helping himself make sense of it all and that it might help others in similar circumstances. The blog was so successful that, over a year later, Tommy decided to adapt the blog into a book.

A few years ago, the lovely Tommy was kind enough to send some books for a neighbour’s young son who was spending a long period of time in hospital. So, I was gutted to hear of Tommy’s diagnosis and I followed the Tommy V Cancer blog with interest. Once the blog was turned into a book, I just had to read it (even though I’d read many of the blog posts).

Tommy V Cancer
Tommy V Cancer

As much as Tommy injects some humour into the book at times, it has to be remembered that this not an easy read. It charts Tommy’s chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, along with the side effects they bring. Tommy might have been kicking cancer’s arse, but the side effects of his treatment really took their toll.

Tommy is brutally honest in this book and many of the blog entries were written in the dead of night when he couldn’t sleep. Chronic Fatigue kicks my arse on a regular basis and sometimes it can be pointless me sitting down to write or doing anything worthwhile, so I’m impressed that Tommy was capable of writing coherent and interesting posts in the dead of night whilst feeling beyond utter crap.

Believe me, Tommy’s story is not a pity party, he just says it how it is. It just so happens that it’s a living hell. It’s a tribute to Tommy that that he puts much thought into how his cancer and treatment is affecting not just him but his wife, two sons and those around him.

I have pure respect for Tommy and anyone else who has been through this or is going through this. It was bad enough when my Dad had bowel cancer, but he was one of the lucky ones. His cancer was operable and didn’t require chemotherapy or radiotherapy afterwards.

The book ends in July 2017, but Tommy’s journey isn’t over. Please check out Tommy’s blog for a sample chapter of Tommy V Cancer and for further updates.

Tommy V Cancer is now available on Kindle and as a paperback.


Please note: Tommy Donbavand supplied a copy of Tommy V Cancer in return for an honest review, but this has in no way influenced my opinion.


  1. Kelly says:

    Two folks in my life are currently going through chemo and radiation to treat lymphoma. Having both parents and a sibling die of cancer, I always cringe a bit when I hear of another person’s diagnosis – something that happens far too frequently.

    I admire this man’s spirit.

  2. Jo says:

    Cancer is something which has affected my own life, and still is. I had bowel cancer myself, my sister died from cancer, my mum’s a cancer survivor and my dad’s going through it at the moment, so I know from personal experience that everyone deals with it in different ways. When I was going through surgery and then chemotherapy, it was the people around me who I thought about mostly too. My sister had died just the year before from the disease and I know how I felt about that so I also knew how those around me would be feeling with my own diagnosis. It’s all a long time ago now but hearing about someone else going through cancer always brings it rushing back.

  3. Anca says:

    I read a book by someone who managed to beat cancer. I also read a book by someone who didn’t make it (died a couple of months after releasing the book). These kind of books are so emotionally draining, but real too. It sounds interesting and I would like to read it someday.

  4. Tilly travel says:

    Cancer is a cruel disease, it runs in my family. I have lost both my parents and 6 aunties and uncles to it, my daughter-in-law is just coming through it.

    This is a very brave man to be putting down on paper, and I hope it helps others.

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