The Oak Leaf and The Acorn

The Oak Leaf and The Acorn

I’ve never been one for wearing much jewellery, but I do like the odd piece every now and then. There’s one website where I’ve been practically drooling over the products for years and that’s Hairy Growler.

Now, stop laughing… I know it’s a funny name (it raised a few eyebrows when I mentioned it at work!), but I just love his stuff. Hairy Growler is otherwise known as Les. He’s possibly hairy (I wouldn’t know!) and I haven’t a clue if he growls, but I do love his work.

My silver oak leaf and bronze acorn pendants from Hairy Growler.
My silver oak leaf and bronze acorn pendants from Hairy Growler.

Hairy Growler makes jewellery from 100% recycled materials such as coins (like silver shillings and lucky sixpences) and Victorian cutlery. You can pick something from the website or work with Les to have your own commissioned piece of jewellery (you can even provide your own special coin or cutlery). Either way, each piece is handcrafted and as such is unique.

Of course, I have expensive taste and quite fancy some of the more pricier pendants! However, when I received some money for my birthday, I decided to finally treat myself. I was restrained though… I chose a silver oak leaf, along with a bronze acorn, on a 17” silver necklace with hand-wrought shepherd’s hook and little crescent moon charm.

Silver Oak Leaf Pendant.
Bronze Acorn Pendant
Bronze Acorn Pendant.
Silver necklace with Shepherd's Hook and Crescent Moon Charm
Silver necklace with Shepherd’s Hook and Crescent Moon Charm.

I love it!

Delivery time is usually 2-3 weeks (extended during busy periods such as Christmas), but I was very surprised to receive my dispatch notice within days. I suspect Hairy Growler was busy making items to take to Glastonbury this weekend (he has a stall there, as well as a stall at All Saints Art & Craft Market in Cambridge most Saturdays) and decided to sneak my order in too. It was almost as if he knew it was my birthday as it arrived just a few days later.

The silver oak leaf and bronze acorn have been beautifully handcrafted out of coins. Hairy Growler doesn’t completely remove the coin element and if you turn it over, you can see part of the original design of the coin.

Reverse side of the Oak Leaf.
Reverse side of the Oak Leaf.
The reverse of the Bronze Oak Pendant.
The reverse of the Bronze Oak Pendant.
My initial on the back of the Oak Leaf Pendant.
My initial on the back of the Oak Leaf Pendant.

As you’ll see if you hop on over to the Hairy Growler website, there’s very much an element of fun in the designs. This is carried over in the packaging. I received my necklace wrapped in purple tissue paper (my favourite colour!) and popped in this fun, little bunny bag.

My new necklace and it's little bag.
My new necklace and it’s little bag.

I must say I am very happy with my purchase and it definitely won’t be my last from Hairy Growler. It’s unique jewellery and wonderfully created.


I have not received any compensation for this post. I simply wish to share a product I love!


  1. Kelly says:

    That is so cute! And I love the clever packaging, too!

    When it comes to jewelry, earrings are my weakness. I thoroughly enjoyed browsing their selection, but never did see if they ship to the US. (NOT that I need any of them… even if I could narrow it down to one pair!)

    Belated happy birthday and what an excellent way to treat yourself!

  2. Hi Nikki,

    I don’t wear an awful lot of jewellery, but I always have my opal earrings. Perhaps if we go out, I’ll add a small necklace and bracelet and I do like something a little different and unique.

    This is definitely a site I should check out, so thanks for sharing 🙂


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