Say Nice Things: Journals and Notebooks

Say Nice Things: Journals and Notebooks

We are a couple of weeks into the new year now and, if you haven’t already, it’s a great time to start a journal. Bullet journalling is on the rise, but you could also start a daily log, travel journal, dream journal… Whatever suits you, really!

One place to pick up a journal or notebook to start your journal is Say Nice Things. They are an up and coming British company producing stationery and all products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Say Nice Things Journals and Notebooks

I was lucky enough to receive a journal and notebook from Say Nice Things to review. I chose the Chequer A5 Journal and the Crystal A5 Notebook.

Chequer A5 Journal

Chequer A5 Journal by Say Nice Things
Chequer A5 Journal by Say Nice Things

The Chequer A5 Journal is a 192-page hardcover journal. It is split into six 32 page sections with a handy index and page tabs to make finding your content easier. Rather than the standard lined, dotted or grid paper used in journals, Say Nice Things has gone all out and used a mix of pages: 4 of the sections are lined pages, 1 section is for doodling, sketching and colouring (the left-hand pages being plain, the right-hand pages with a kind of grid) and the final section is a perpetual 12 month calendar for forward planning. Hidden on the inside of the back cover is a very useful pocket, handy for keeping tickets, receipts and folded documents.

Due to the hardcover nature of the journal, it will take all the day-to-day rough and tumble of life on the go, yet it is also soft to the touch and feels nice to hold. The journal also has a handy elastic strap which wraps around to the front cover, so your journal pages don’t get all messed up and crumpled whilst it’s in your bag (also handy to stop prying eyes!).

Crystal A5 Notebook

Crystal A5 Notebook by Say Nice Things
Crystal A5 Notebook by Say Nice Things

The Crystal A5 Notebook holds 128 pages, so is noticeably thinner than the journal. It has a flexi-cover rather than a hardcover, but I’ve found this still provides a good level of protection for the notebook. Like the journal, it also has a handy elastic strap to hold the cover shut when not in use. Again, the notebook has a mix of pages: 95 lined pages, 16 plain pages and 17 grid pages. There’s no pocket in the back of the notebook, but I do think it would also have been a useful feature here.

The paper used in both the journal and notebook is 90gsm – a nice, smooth, quality paper in a decent weight. Both also include a “This book belongs to…” page at the front with space to include contact details should you lose it. The pages of both the journal and notebook lay-flat when open, a feature I think every journal and notebook should have. Lay-flat pages make it so much easier to write! And, just to make you smile, each page has the Say Nice Things logo printed in the corner.

There are 7 lovely covers to choose from (the same designs for the journals and the notebooks), so you if you get both a journal and a notebook you can mix or match.

These really are lovely, quality journals and notebooks (I’m actually using my Say Nice Things journal as a recipe book!). They are a little pricey at £12.50 for the notebooks and £25.00 for the journals, but you’re paying for something which has lovingly and proudly been designed and made in the UK.

Say Nice Things also have a range of beautiful postcards available and they are busy working on a range of other products.

I love supporting small UK companies, so please, please do check out the Say Nice Things website and their products.


Please note: The products were supplied by Say Nice Things in return for an honest review.


  1. Bronwen says:

    Great notebooks and I appreciate the review. You don’t mention if the paper is fountain pen friendly which is a big deciding factor for me on purchasing new notebooks (especially at the price tags you mention!). Do you have any feedback on fountain pen use in the notebooks please? Thanks so much.

  2. Barbara says:

    Morning Nikki, I really like the Crystal Notebook and was pleased to read the pages lay flat when opened. It annoys me when I’m trying to write something and have to deal with a ridge at the edge of the page. I’m going to pop over the Say Nice Things Website just as soon as I’ve left this comment.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’ve journaled off and on for over 45 years, so I’m always interested in seeing what others are using. These look quite nice and I do like having journals with the elastic band to keep them closed.

  4. Lisa says:

    These are lovely looking notebooks! I especially like the geometric cover, so attractive. Thank you for testing with fountain pens when I asked you to, you’re a star!

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