Stationery Saturday: Fountain Pen Day Goodies

Stationery Saturday: Fountain Pen Day Goodies

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Pure Pens ran a giveaway for International Fountain Pen Day (4th November 2016) and guess who the lucky winner was… Me!

Pure Pens Giveaway Prize

Here’s what I got…

Happy Jackson “Pen Orgy” Pencil Case

Such a fun pencil case to keep my pens and pencils in! I’d spotted one on Twitter a while ago, so it was great to see this as part of the prize. To give you an idea of the size of it, the holds the rest of the goodies that came with it in the giveaway.

TWSBI Eco (Lime) Fountain Pen
TWSBI Eco (Lime) Fountain Pen

TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen

TWSBI is one of my favourite fountain pen brands. I already had three (TWSBI Eco in Black & Clear and TWSBI Diamond 580 AL Lava), so was delighted to get the TWSBI Eco in Lime – the latest colour in the TWSBI Eco range. The TWSBI Eco fountain pen is a demonstrator fountain pen, meaning you can see the inner workings and the ink sloshing around in the chamber… They’re my favourite type of fountain pen.

TWSBI Eco and J.Herbin Vert Pre Fountain Pen Ink
TWSBI Eco and J.Herbin Vert Pre Fountain Pen Ink

Herbin Vert Pré Bottled Ink

Green ink to go in the green fountain pen! This is something new for me to try, because I usually go for purples and blues (and variants of) when it comes to fountain pen ink.

Clairefontaine Europa Minor Pads
Clairefontaine Europa Minor Pads

2 Clairefontaine Europa Minor Pads

I love Clairefontaine paper. It’s smooth paper and is perfect for writing on with a fountain pen. These little notepads are great for popping in a handbag or pocket, so will come in handy.

Pelikan Pen Case
Pelikan Pen Case

Pelikan Pen Case

The perfect size for holding a fountain pen or two, without having to worry about losing them or them getting damaged.

Pelikan Transparent Page-markers

As someone who does bullet journaling, I know these are going to come in handy!


Massive thanks go to Pure Pens for sending me this wonderful prize. Please do go and take a look at their online shop where you’ll find lots of pens and pen-related goodies. They are based in Newport, South Wales, and I do love to support a Welsh company.


  1. Kelly says:

    What a fun, fun win!! I don’t know that I’ve seen a fountain pen like that before – where you can see the innards. In fact, I’ve only used cartridge fountain pens. Even though I’m terribly partial to pencils, I might have to seek out something like this.

    Thanks to your earlier post, I have plenty of small notebooks to fill (love those Field Notes!). 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    What a fantastic prize. I haven’t seen a fountain pen like this before where you can see the ink, what fun. Mick bought me a Lamy fountain pen for my birthday but I need some practice with it, I can’t seem to write neat with it, not sure why as we had to use fountain pens at school and I was okay with them then.

  3. Hi Nikki,

    Great win! I would have been over the moon to get a little stash like that 🙂

    I haven’t used a fountain pen since primary school and in fact I think the last one I would have written with, would have been an italic pen and I really thought that the bottles of ink were a thing of the past (I remember the most popular brand of ink was ‘Quink’)

    I do find that my writing changes depending upon the type of pen I use. The finer the nib, the neater my writing seems to be.

    Thanks for sharing, it goes without saying that I am jealous of the notebooks, as I definitely have a ‘thing’ about them 🙂


  4. Anca says:

    I haven’t used a fountain pen for years. I used to get ink all over my hands when I was in school and it took ages to clean them. I would like to try a fountain pen again, it’s something special about them.

  5. rashbre says:

    I still have a fountain pen – it has interchangeable syringe and ink cartridges, although I must admit I usually use random ‘found’ pens, like the ones from hotels.

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