I lost my boyfriend to Nintendo this Christmas

I lost my boyfriend to Nintendo this Christmas

It’s my own fault really.

Let me take you back to Christmas 2014… My boyfriend had had his eyes on a Nintendo DS for a while, so a friend of mine kindly lent him her Nintendo DSi and a couple of games for a week over Christmas. It kept him quiet and he played on it so much that he even managed to complete one of the Professor Layton games.

Back to Christmas 2015… John would have been happy enough with a second-hand Nintendo DSi for Christmas this year, but was surprised to find I’d got him a Nintendo 3DS console along with a couple of games. He thought I’d been overspending, but he should know me better than that. I’m always after a good deal and I think I got one…

Being a daily visitor to the HotUKDeals website, I managed to bag him a Nintendo 3DS Ice White Console for £69.99 from Argos in the Black Friday. It had previously been on sale for £84.99, but at the time of writing is currently on their website for £109.99. That wasn’t the end of it, Argos had also got a special offer on meaning I could get a free game with the console, so I grabbed Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (currently £12.99).

To go with it, I picked up the Resident Evil 3DS game from Argos for £3.99, along with a Nintendo Licensed Executive Case (holds the console, 2 games and a spare stylus) for £5.99 and Nintendo Licensed Screen Protectors for £2.98 from Amazon.

Not a bad bundle for £82.95!

The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld console suitable for everyone, whether young or old, from the hardcore gamers to the casual gamers. It’s even suitable for those who just prefer to solve a puzzle. As the 3DS is backward compatible with the DS games, there is a wide variety of games available to play, whether you like platform, racing, fighting, adventure or puzzle games.

So from Christmas Eve until New Year I pretty much lost my boyfriend to Nintendo. Every spare moment was spent with his head in the 3DS or browsing on my tablet. To be fair, he spends a lot of time working (whether it’s in his shop, sourcing items or selling on Ebay), so it’s provided him with a much-needed distraction.


On a side note: I ended up with the “New” Nintendo 3DS and have been playing on retro type games like Super Mario Bros 2 and Broken Sword.

Game recommendations gratefully received!


  1. Hi Nikki

    It sounds as though you really came up trumps in the presents stakes this year and so clever of you to upgrade a system he already used, so that you could benefit from the hand-me-down 🙂

    It sounds as though Argos also came through with a good deal for you. I thought they were doing okay as a company, however I see today that Sainsburys have made a hostile bid to buy the business. Argos have immediately rejected the offer, but the concensus of opinion seems to be that the negociations have only just begun.

    No game recommendations from me, I’m afraid. We don’t really have anyone in the family who is hooked on gaming machines in a big way. We all have ipads and smartphones, but really do tend to use them for keeping in touch, rather than for playing games.

    Dave would much rather spend time surfing the net and of course we now have our 14 week old great nephew to keep track of in his daily updates!

    Have a great 2016 🙂


  2. Jo says:

    You got a great bargain there. Daniel and Eleanor don’t bother with their game consoles these days, they’re happy enough with their phones and tablets.

  3. Kelly says:

    Well done on the bargain! I’ve played my son’s gaming systems in the past (various platforms) and know, with my addictive personality, I don’t need any of my own! I’m bad enough with some of the games on my phone.

    My son is in his mid 20s now, but he still loves all the Pokémon games on DS.

  4. Lauren says:

    What a great deal! I have lost my boyfriend to his Xbox One since November ’15! Sometimes I feel like I am talking to a brick wall. Managed to find him a good deal on it through Smyth’s Toys – he had been saving for months to get an Xbox One, I was fine with it until he got it! Luckily I have my blogging to keep me entertained! 😀

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